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Haunted Houses Near Birmingham

Haunted House


Searching for the scariest haunted house in Alabama in the spirit of Halloween? This list of haunted houses near Birmingham is an excellent place to start! Whether you’re looking for a bone-chilling curated experience or a true haunted house in Alabama, we have you covered.

Find the Scariest Haunted House in Alabama

Peruse the following list to find the scariest haunted house in Alabama, from haunted houses near Birmingham that serve as attractions to the spooky and mysterious options for a haunted house in Alabama. 


  • Nightmare at 3008: Since 2012, Nightmare at 3008 has ranked among the best haunted houses near Birmingham. Take your pick from the Nightmare House, the Underground, the Woods Trail, or all three.
  • The Horror Tuscaloosa: The Horror Tuscaloosa is a massive haunted house in Alabama that provides room after room of scares. In fact, some consider The Horror Tuscaloosa to be the scariest haunted house in Alabama.
  • City of Chaos: An experience unlike any other, City of Chaos immerses you in a scenario in which you must hunt down Sergeant Chaos to free yourself as a hostage. Prepare for thrills and chills at every turn.

Haunted Locations

  • Redmont Hotel: Make a reservation to stay at the Redmont Hotel, Birmingham’s oldest and most historic hotel. Various ghosts are supposed to haunt the building, including the ghost of a former owner, Clifford Stiles, as well as the ghost of famous singer Hank Williams. 
  • Drish House: Venture to Tuscaloosa and pay a visit to the Drish House, largely considered the most haunted house in Alabama. The 450-acre plantation is said to be haunted by Sarah Drish, the wife of Dr. John R. Drish, who built the house in 1837.
  • Gaines Ridge Dinner Club: Although not technically a haunted house in Alabama, the Gaines Ridge Dinner Club is known as the most haunted restaurant in Alabama. Guests have reported hearing screams, seeing a floating woman in the window, and witnessing apparitions in mirrors. 

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